Author's Note: Set around episodes 23-24, when the Suzaku Seishi were preparing to summon Suzaku. This is my take on what Amiboshi might have been thinking - enjoy!

They're eating now. The one called Nuriko is asking the Suzaku no Miko to grant some wish of his; Tasuki is yelling at Tamahome for some dumb reason. Everyone's happy that the summoning is drawing nearer, now that all seven Suzaku Seishi are gathered.

They are not all gathered.

I alone here know the summoning will fail. They've called me Chiriko ever since I fooled them, I should despise them for it - after all, all of them were too trusting, even trusting me with the lives of two seishi and the miko- but soon they'll find the real Suzaku Seishi Chiriko, and then what will happen to me?I'd be nothing more than a traitor, a manipulator from Kutou, and worthy only for death.

But I don't despise them. I don't hate them, even though they are supposed to be my enemies. Nakago-sama said to lie, to focus my energy through my flute and play the song of death in order to kill them off, and then Seiryuu would be summoned. Once Seiryuu was summoned, peace could come to Kutou at last. But here, with my "enemies", I see that all THEY want is peace. I hear Konan's Emperor, Hotohori-sama, talk about Kutou attacks. I hear stories of agents. I hear from the guards that Konan-koku doesn't have the military to even match Kutou's, and I know that it is Nakago's work.

He manipulated my hope. I want nothing more than peace, to be left to live my life along my brother in comfortable happiness. I want no more wars to strike families like they had mine. But I am a Seiryuu Seishi, I have a duty to my country and to Seiryuu-sama that I can not forget. If it is my duty, then I must-

"Chiriko-kun?" A soft meow accompanied its master's question - the seishi Mitsukake, and his cat Tama.

"Gomen nasai - " I stood, minding the flute I tucked into the folds of my clothes.

"The ceremony will begin soon." Tama looked pleased too.

I have a duty. But I can't bring myself to kill any of the Suzaku Seishi. I've been a little brother to them all this time, it'd be like attacking my own brother. Like attacking a part of me.

But if I don't do it -

I take out my flute and look at it.

I will not kill them. I will only disrupt the ceremony that will fail anyway and run. When the true Chiriko comes, they will have another chance at their wish for peace.

Softly I play a little tune. A song of happiness, of peace, of the way things should be instead of the way they are-

My last song as Chiriko.

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