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Tenshi Kou - Thanks, P-Chan! Welcome! This is my own fanfic archive. If you like what you see here, if you hate it, tell me! I live for feedback, and I also want to know if anyone bothered to read it... ^_^ The pic to the right was made by P-Chan, it's a drawing of Tenshi Kou. Tenshi's in most of the fics, as it's part of my spin on writing (I always add another character). Enjoy! (And ignore anything Geocities messed up on when I was editing this!) ^_~

Tenshi no Densetsu - Legend of an Angel (Main Fic Series)

Tenshi Kou - Character Profile

Song Fiction

Yaten's Song

"Mizu-Kagami" (FY fic -spoilers)


Three Lights
Silver Thoughts

Drawings! My attempts at art! ^_^

Colored pencil- a female Yaten

My rendition of Tenshi *

Kurama goes Chibi -b&w

A FY rendition of Tenshi (w/ lines from "Mizu-Kagami" written)

* a pre-Starlight outfit, before The Starlight Report.