Chichiri Special, no da!



     That is Chichiri (manga style). OK, so this isn’t the best picture, but it’s pretty good to see one that isn’t the happy-mask-wearing Chichiri once in a while. Anyway, here is my little tribute to my favorite Fushigi Yuugi character:


Quotes:   “Itai, no da!” (“That hurts, no da!”) –Episode 9

                  “Like, are you human?” “Don’t be rude. I’m a wanderer, no da!” –Ep. 9

                  “I’m so BORED, no da….” – Chichiri’s remark on impersonating Hotohori at the Konan palace. He’s upside down and super-deformed on the throne while he’s saying this too ^_^

                  “I’m fine, na no da…” “We’re not fine, NO DA!” – the second line is Miaka and Tasuki making fun of the “no da” speech pattern. This wav file is also on the site.

                  “DAAAA!” – OK, he says this a lot . . .


Songs: “Kachou Fuugetsu”, “Ochanoko Saisai Hengen Jizai” (all from the TV Character Single), “Metcha Hajikete Guts Tobashite”, “Aoi Jiyuu. Shiroi Nozomi.” (THTC, from the OAV series), “Mizu-Kagami” (character song from the second OAV)

      These can be downloaded as mp3 files: try (The lyrics for “Mizu-Kagami” are found there as well. That is where I got them from; do not use them without permission from the original translators, etc. They are nice if you’re nice to them, no da!)

And please e-mail me if you find an English translation to “Ochanoko Saisai Hengen Jizai”. I am NOT looking for the romanized version; just the English of what’s being said. ^_^


Rants: Chichiri-sama… Chichiri-sama OK. Chichiri is the next-oldest seishi in Fushigi Yuugi (he’s about 24 in the TV series), so he’s supposed to be one of the “quieter” ones that watches over the others. Heh. Right. Like you expect a super-deformed monk to be the quiet type. ^_^ He wears a magical mask to hide a scar over his left eye, which means he usually seems in SD mode even when he isn’t, and his speech pattern is hilarious: “oira” for “I” (or “me”) and “no da” and its variants. His voice usually is high-pitched, but when he’s being serious (like talking about his past) it’s lower. Even though Chichiri isn’t as physically attractive as Tasuki or Tamahome (or Hotohori) are, people like him for his personality and beliefs. He has a lot of male fans, believe it or not, as well as female fans (like yours truly ^_^).

     In the English video dub, his speech pattern is translated as “you know” instead of “no da”. However, in the English manga of Fushigi Yuugi, the “no da” has been kept! Rejoice, Chichiri fans! We have won! Now if Pioneer gets the OAVs, I’m sending letters for them to change it back to “no da” in the English versions… oh. If you didn't see the top part of this, please bring your cursor over to highlight that part and it'll show. Darn Microsoft Word messes up all the time with Geocities... *grumble*


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