Tenshi no Densetsu – Legend of an Angel

  A collection of fanfiction based off the Sailormoon “universe”


I made this page so the archives wouldn’t get cluttered. -_-

   Anyway, there’s lots to choose from here; from reading the Sailormoon/ Yu Yu Hakusho / Fushigi Yuugi crossover The Starlight Report, to other one-shot fics along the same line.

All the fics here have something in common; the character Hoshino Tenshi (Tenshi Kou) either appears or is mentioned within. Hence the title “Tenshi no Densetsu”. . . that’s my original character.

    Feedback is ALWAYS welcome. I’d love to say everyone likes the stuff I write, but that’s not always the case . . . however, downright flaming will not be welcomed or read, unless it comes from a particular red-haired bandit/seishi’s tessen. ^_^


Fanfics - Series


Twilight Illusion (Story One) – not active

Starry Dreams (Story Two) – not active

The Starlight Report  (Story Three) – SM/YYH/FY crossover. ^_^


“One-shots” (little stories)


Tenshi’s Reflections – a series of one-shots, basically what Tenshi thinks of Chichiri, Tasuki, and Nuriko. Set during The Starlight Report. Warning: May include spoilers.


Other Stuff

Series "Soundtrack" - a group of songs that go well with the stories. Not completed. 

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