Yes, this is a Mitsukake fic. I've titled it "Leaving", but it's not the best title. I couldn't
think of a proper one.
Blame it on watching episode 47 too much.... this has spoilers for episode 47. If you do not know what
happens in that episode, DO NOT READ FURTHER. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!

Feedback is ALWAYS appreciated, especially since this
is a fic about an underappreciated character.

*starts yelling at Mitsukake* AND ^&##$ WHY ARE YOU SO

*calms down*



It's a strange feeling, realizing you're dead.

I could see Nuriko and Chiriko - Nuriko's braid was
there, as if he had never cut it. He smiled, as did Chiriko, who spoke.

"You healed those people like you intended,

I said nothing. The former wounded, still in the
temple, were gathering already in an effort to pay
respects to the doctor whose sacrifice helped them.
The baby Shouka wailed.

"I can't leave yet."

"You're a spirit now, Mitsukake. Ordinary people can't
see or hear us." Nuriko sighed. "Staying makes leaving

You're a spirit, Mitsukake.

The words affirmed it - I was dead. No matter how I
said "But I exist! I'm here!", I wouldn't be real and
live again. The war still continued. Others needed my help, I knew it -

I looked around again. Tama was mewling after me, if a
cat's wish could return his beloved master. Three
wildflowers lay by my body, and I heard Shouka's
parents pray.

The slapping of shoes upon the floor, and Chichiri ran
inside. His smiling mask was gone, revealing angry
damp paths down his cheeks.

He had been crying.

"How dare they fight, after - " His voice failed him
as he saw the meager offerings and my cat among them,
gently pawing my body in a vain effort to get a
response. I stepped forward, Nuriko's words echoing in my thoughts.

Ordinary people can't see or hear us....

But the Suzaku Seishi - who survived.....


Tama halted his efforts. Chichiri looked directly at

"D- demo.... demo doushite...."

"You.. see me?"

He nodded, slightly. "You... were like me, Mitsukake.
Maybe you knew that. And I couldn't.... DO anything
then... but I can fight to the end now."

Behind me, Nuriko and Chiriko stared.

"Thank you... for your help."

I smiled as he rushed outside. Tama mewed, and I
turned to my cat.

"Go after Chichiri - he'll take care of you."

Tama stared, backed away, and scampered after the

"Nuriko? Chiriko? I.... can leave now."