Special Focus: Tasuki (Fushigi Yuugi)


Tasuki goes Chibi!

Name: Kou Shun'u
Seishi Name: Tasuki
Other Names: Genrou, Gen-chan, Fang Boy (^_^)
Seishi Symbol Meaning: Tsubasa (Wing)
Seishi Symbol Location: arm (can't remember if it was right or left, I think it's his right arm)
Birthday: April 18

Tasuki was a bandit at Mt. Reikaku before meeting Miaka and joining up with the other Suzaku shichiseishi. He speaks Kansai-ben, the Kansai dialect (Kansai = greater Osaka area), and he tends to swear a lot. He also likes to drink sake. His special ability is throwing fire (he has a fiery temper too!) with his tessen (iron fan). Of course, almost every time he does so, he roasts Tamahome while he's at it. Those two seishi often pick on each other and fight.

However, the seishi I think he gets along best with is Chichiri. While Tasuki is brash and hides nothing, Chichiri mostly keeps to himself and only shows the cute-monk-who-goes-super-deformed side.

For more information on Tasuki, visit The Tasuki Shrine . And if you're Tasuki-obsessed enough, join the DTFC (Drooling Tasuki Fan Club) - that's there too!

Tasuki-kun! I'm a member! And proud of it!
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