Tenshi Kou - Character Profile

Tenshi Kou appears in most of my own fanfics, so here's a profile for the ones who are confused. I'm sorry I typed up the fics out of order, so maybe this will help until I get moving and type up the rest.

Vital Stats
Name: Tenshi Kou (or Hoshino Tenshi)
Nickname/ English Name: Alissa Tenshi *
Meaning of Japanese Name: Tenshi Kou - literally, "angel light" ; Hoshino Tenshi - "angel of the stars"
Identity: Sailor Star Angel
Special Accessories: a silver pendant with the Eternity Crystal in it, all standard transformation items
Abilities: Empathic, somewhat telepathic, and can sense energy (ki).
Height: 5' 8"
Birthdate: February 4
Astrological Sign: Aquarius, same as Haruka and Yaten. ^_^

Personality: think Haruka, think Yaten. Really... apart from The Starlight Report, Tenshi wears a male school uniform to Juuban High and uses boyish language ("boku", "kimi", etc.). Of course, once she became a Sailor Starlight and went back to Tokyo... simply put, Tenshi became a guy. Reason? If the energy was being sucked out from all of the girls in Tokyo, then the Sailor Starlights would be pretty much immune to it. -_- I wouldn't be too happy either, but this means that he's slightly more sarcastic and impatient. But on the whole, Tenshi's a loner and a dreamer, haunted by a dark past, and prone to bumping into people.

Past (Stories One and Two): This DOES NOT APPLY TO THE STARLIGHT REPORT. During the Silver Millennium, Tenshi (then called Alissa Endymion, "Tenshi" was a nickname) was raised as a Princess of Earth, but there was a large war against the Amazon Queen and she went to fight in the army. During that time, the only women allowed to fight were either Sailor Senshi or royal Queens, and they were protected; therefore, she passed as male. During one battle, she was wounded by a poison-tipped spear and mistaken for dead. Queen Beryl found her and decided to brainwash her with Metalia's help, starting her plans to take over the Moon Kingdom. After getting information about the Sailor Senshi, Beryl wanted to use Tenshi's crystal for her own power. The crystal refused to work, and Beryl sentenced her to a crystal prison for eternity. And yes, it's the same punishment that Jadeite got in the first season of Sailormoon.

Why doesn't it apply? Because Tenshi's crystal gets taken, an unexpected plot twist that the author didn't think of until she wrote it in. See The Starlight Report. So if you're reading the crossover, just bear with the whims of the author and all will turn out fine. The above is the summary of one timeline- but it isn't the only one...

Songs: Names of songs that go with Tenshi in some way or form.
"Tenshi Souzou Sunawachi Hikari" ("Angelic Creation, namely, Light") - originally the duel song for Episode 7 of Shoujo Kakumei Utena/ Revolutionary Girl Utena.
"Chikyuu wa Jinbutsu Chinretsushitsu" ("Earth As a Character Gallery") - duel song for Episode 17 of Shoujo Kakumei Utena.
"Truth" - originally the first ending of Shoujo Kakumei Utena.
"Give a Reason" - originally the opening of The Slayers NEXT. Instead of chapter titles, the first two lines are quoted for Parts Five and Six of The Starlight Report.
P-chan drew a nice pic of Tenshi for me! Here it is!

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