June 9, 2000: I don't seem to update the update page that often... *sigh*
A lot of stuff has been added or changed around. The Tasuki and Chichiri specials can both be found on the "Past Specials" page.

Important! Typhoid Productions is starting a SailorStars fandub, and you can help out! Almost all of the roles are still open - if you want to give voice acting a try, go ahead and audition! For more information, e-mail Typhoid Productions !

Not seen on index page: I support the "NO DA" Mission! And I'm a PROUD member of the DTFC (Drooling Tasuki Fan Club)!

Enjoy the updates!

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Little note about my fiction. I read a LOT of Sonya-chan's stuff. (Trust me on that one.) I have also read a bit of Fiona Lim's fanfiction, at Castle Skyehawke. Therefore, my fiction will sound a LOT like theirs. Yaten and Kurama, for example. Can't I say this enough? I like how they write. ^_^